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The Ormeignies village can be proud of its very ancient history.

Farmers in Neolithic time had already chosen this place as home as far back as 4000 BC.

The village church, dedicated to Saint Ursmer, built from stone and brick around 1780-81 is beautiful example of neo classic architecture.


The farm of the Grande Rosière

The Rosiere seigniory belonged to Cambron-Casteau abbey which possessed more then one hundred hectares in the village. The farm of the Grande Rosière was run by monks until the 18th century. Sold as a national asset during in 1798 the French Revolution, it became the property of the prince of Ligne. Cambron-Casteau abbey also possessed the Little Rosière, built in 1755.

The castle of the Rouillé family

The ruins of the former of the Rouillé family is found at the end of the Green Path. The place is haunted by Angélique Pollart d'Hérimez (1756-1840), married to Louis-François de Rouillé, who left us letters evoking splendidly the life in her days in the country of Ath. Destroyed in 1866, the manor-house is renconstructed in the Louis XIII style, according to the plans of  Désiré Limbourg. It is put up for sale in 1834 and shortly therafter dismantled. History is recalled in the park, designed by the architect Fuchs, where the vestiges of the castle and an old icehouse, Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs's neo-gothic chapel was renconstructed on the initiative of the local villagers.

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